Planning a road trip? Watch out for these potential hazards
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Planning a road trip? Watch out for these potential hazards

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Personal Injury

As the summer arrives in Virginia, many people are preparing for road trips. Whether you’re traveling with your friends, family, or by yourself, there are hazards you’ll want to be aware of. Keep yourself safe this summer by avoiding these potential driving hazards.

Blown-out tires

The condition of your vehicle’s tires has a major impact on your safety while driving. If your tires aren’t in good condition, you might experience a blowout that occurs when a tire explodes. Instead of slamming on your brakes, let your vehicle slow down naturally after a blowout and steer your way to a safe place to park. If you keep driving on a blown-out tire, it could result in an MVA.

Children leaving their car seats

Many people taking road trips are parents going on long drives with their children. If they’re young enough, you might be the unfortunate parent that’s driving while their child escapes their car seat. Should this happen, do not overreact. While your instincts might tell you to slam on the brakes, this could send your child flying across your vehicle. Instead, act calmly and pull your vehicle over in a safe space to put the child back in their car seat.

Excessive fog

During a road trip, you’re likely going to be driving during the morning. Sometimes, this time of day can produce fog that covers roads. Go slowly if you must drive in foggy conditions. This will make your braking distance shorter and help you to avoid road hazards, especially other vehicles.

To stay safe during your next trip, watch out for common types of road hazards. If you get involved in a motor vehicle accident while on a road trip, you’ll likely want to have a lawyer on your side. A lawyer can often help prevent you from being taken advantage of by the other party involved in your accident.