How adoptive moms can cope with difficult emotions
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How adoptive moms can cope with difficult emotions

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Family Law

Adopting a child is a wonderful option for Virginia families. After the process is complete, mothers often go through a variety of difficult emotions. This is common, and here are some ways to deal with them.

Moms and emotions

When you become a mother, whether biologically or through adoption, it’s normal to experience a slew of emotions. Not all of them are positive. As you adjust to motherhood, these emotions can arise and make things difficult. Guilt is common among adoptive mothers. You might feel bad for the biological mother or even be struck by the memory of a child you’ve lost if you had a miscarriage or another loss.

Adoptive moms commonly have emotions involving their identity. It might feel strange that you’re now a mother. However, you can overcome these feelings over time as you adjust to your new familial role and bond with your child.

Sometimes, you might even experience feelings of depression, which could be surprising. However, this is a normal emotion that many women who adopt go through, known as post-adoption depression syndrome (PADS). All of the realities of becoming a mom overwhelm you and result in this issue.

How to cope

Although you might feel overwhelmed and confused by your emotions, there are ways to cope. Accepting that what you’re feeling is normal is the first thing to do. Acknowledge that, although you’re new at parenthood, you should manage your expectations. Being a mother isn’t easy, and having a child doesn’t come with a manual. You’re not going to get everything right, right away. Realize that, in time, you will adapt, and the difficult emotions that you’re experiencing now will fade.

Seeking support is an integral step toward coping with difficult emotions as an adoptive mom. Find a support group, and turn to family and friends to share your feelings.

Over time, you will find that things get easier. You’ll then be able to cherish your time with your child.