What to expect when you’re adopting
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What to expect when you’re adopting

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Family Law

Adopting a child in Virginia can be one of the most rewarding life events to go through. It can also be an emotionally draining process if you do not know what to expect.

The adoption process

Making the choice to adopt a child is the first step. This can be exciting, scary and confusing. It can also be a time for grieving. You may have always known you wanted to add to your family by adopting, but others may find adoption to be their “last resort” to having a family.

Wherever you are when deciding to adopt, preparing yourself for the steps ahead is the best way to ease the stress of the situation. A few areas of adoption in which you may want to acquaint yourself with include:

  • How long the process can take
  • How much adoption can cost
  • How adopting babies differs from adopting older children

The adoption process is slow

It can take years to complete the process of adoption. This can be due to a lot of waiting. You will be interviewed by your adoption agency and expectant mothers. There will also be home inspections and interviews with family members. You might feel as if you’ve aced every test put in front of you only to find out you weren’t chosen to be the parents.

It can feel devastating when you feel like you’re almost finished, but you need to stay resilient and continue to endure the wait. You may find that the process is quicker when adopting a special-needs child, an older child or a child through the foster-care system.

Whichever route you choose with adoption, patience is key. Spend your time learning how the different agencies work and preparing your home for your new family.