Co-parenting resolutions for the new year
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Co-parenting resolutions for the new year

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2023 | Family Law

Everyone starts thinking about resolutions when the new year approaches. Resolutions are essential for everyone, including divorced parents in Virginia. Choosing the right things to focus on this year can improve your children’s lives.

A brand-new calendar can motivate you to make a new start if you need one. There’s something invigorating about the new year that motivates people to set goals.

Discuss the upcoming year

You won’t need your family law attorney to handle your unreasonable spouse if you have an open and honest discussion.

Make co-parenting resolutions geared toward positive results

Choose what you will work on, whether it is to stop arguing with your children, being late for pick-ups, or whatever else you want to work on.

Resolve not to speak badly about your ex-spouse

You may argue with one another and then express your frustrations to your child, but they don’t need that stress. They will think they cause conflicts, so you should avoid that.

Discuss how you will handle disputes

When you agree on how to deal with them, decide how you will handle them when the new year begins and goes around the year. Remind each other months later of the year’s goals if needed.

No matter why your relationship didn’t work out, the children will remain part of your lives for several years. While you need to get on with your own lives, you must work together in the best interests of your children. Doing so will reap benefits for all of you.