The growing danger of distracted pedestrians
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The growing danger of distracted pedestrians

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

Pedestrians and automobiles can be a dangerous combination on Virginia roads. Drivers must always be aware of people running and walking near traffic. Unfortunately, a growing number of injuries and fatalities stem from distracted pedestrians.

What is a distracted pedestrian

There are frequent reports about the dangers of distracted driving. Automobile accidents often occur when a driver is checking email, responding to texts or trying to eat in the car. Anything that might keep your attention off the road is a dangerous diversion.

Pedestrians may assume that they do not have to maintain the same awareness. Yet, they must also take care when crossing traffic, walking without sidewalks, or simply moving past a driveway.

Technology and distraction

As with accidents caused by distracted drivers, technology is often the culprit when a personal injury stems from distracted walking. Listening to music or a podcast through noise-canceling headphones reduces awareness of your surroundings.

Interacting with a smartphone means you are not paying attention to what is ahead of you. This practice can lead to trip, slip and fall injuries in addition to car accidents.

Steps to prevent accidents

In discussing accident prevention between automobiles and pedestrians, much of the attention goes to driver behavior. After all, their vehicles will cause most of the damage in a collision.

However, pedestrians should also take precautions when they have to share the road, including:

  • Wearing bright, reflective clothing in the evening
  • Turning down headphones when crossing traffic
  • Crossing at dedicated spots
  • Stopping and stepping away from the road when responding to texts or emails

Keeping the roads safe for all

Virginia roads should always be safe for walking and driving traffic. Intentional efforts to stay focused by both drivers and pedestrians will prevent unnecessary accidents.