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Photo of Attorneys T. Noel Brooks and Jesse Baez walking outside.

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What types of adoption are available in Virginia?

Virginia residents who wish to become parents have multiple options under the umbrella of adoption. If you want to go this route, it's important to know what types of adoption are available in the state. Agency placements Adoption often takes place through an agency...

Are bedsores a sign of nursing home negligence?

Virginia residents with elderly loved ones in nursing homes expect those loved ones to get the best of care. Sadly, nursing neglect sometimes occurs. Bedsores are common, so it’s fair to wonder if they’re a sign of such neglect. What is nursing home neglect? Nursing...

What to know about DUI in Virginia

DUI stands for driving under the influence, though other states may use different initials. Drunk driving is illegal in all states and Washington D.C. because intoxication impairs judgment. While drivers in North Chesterfield, Virginia, should not drink and drive, it...

Adoption laws in Virginia

If you are going down the path of adopting a child in Virginia, you should understand the laws and processes involved to make adoption easier for you. Here are some of the adoption laws in the state that you should be aware of. Adoption in Virginia Virginia family law...