Francheska Fernandez
Photo of Attorneys T. Noel Brooks and Jesse Baez walking outside.
Photo of T. Noel Brooks and Jesse Baez

Francheska Fernandez

Image of staff member Francheska Fernandez


Francheska Fernandez is a Executive Administrative Assistant at Brooks and Baez. Francheska has worked at various firms throughout the Richmond area, and has worked previously for attorneys specializing in immigration and criminal defense.  After beginning her career as a receptionist, Francheska responsibilities and roles expanded to include trial preparation, fact-checking and compiling case evidence, and coordinating with clients and the court system. Francheska’s most recent work experience was working as an administrator and legal assistant for attorney Raul Novo before his passing. During her tenure with attorney Novo, Francheska learned gained extensive knowledge in running a legal practice, and she brings this invaluable knowledge to Brooks & Baez.
Francheska was born in lived in Puerto Rico for several years, and relocated Richmond, Virginia in 1994. She is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish. Francheska is well known in the Spanish speaking community, and takes great pride in assisting clients through the most difficult periods in their lives.