Jail & Prison Deaths
Photo of Attorneys T. Noel Brooks and Jesse Baez walking outside.
Photo of T. Noel Brooks and Jesse Baez

Where Do Rising Prison Deaths Leave The Incarcerated?

In late 2022, a report released by the board of local and regional jails showed a 92% increase in deaths from 2020 to 2021 for prisoners in Virginia. That stunning number is a major concern to both inmates and their loved ones, who worry for their health while in custody.

The dedicated attorneys of Brooks & Baez understand the difficulties of having lost a loved one behind bars. We work with you to find justice for the person you lost while in custody. Seeking a way forward isn’t easy, but we can help.

Common Causes Of Death Behind Bars

There’s always a moment after you lose someone when you ask what happened. While exact details may differ, the data shows three major causes of death:

  • Natural causes
  • Suicide
  • Drug overdoses

There are also a number of cases each year with “undetermined causes,” which could mean violence or other accidents. On the surface, these causes of death seem to absolve anyone of the ultimate responsibility, but that’s only on the surface.

Who Is To Blame?

Everyone in prison at the state or federal level has had their privileges and freedom taken away, but they are entrusted into the care of the prison. In some cases, it may be a state- or federal-run facility. In other cases, it may be a private prison. In all instances, however, being in the care of the facility means that they will actually take care of their charges.

However, many prisons do not take the appropriate care to shield their prisoners from threats to their health and safety. There are rampant issues of negligence and deliberate abuse. Many of the lives lost in Virginia prisons didn’t have to happen.

Do You Have Questions? You Deserve Answers.

When you’re grieving the loss of someone you love, you have so many questions that you may not know where to start. But maybe the one you need to ask is this: did it have to happen at all? And that’s at the base of our work.

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