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Criminal Law

Can I get my criminal record expunged?

Most of us have made mistakes that thankfully avoided serious consequences. However, some of us experienced legal repercussions for those mistakes, which can have long-lasting and sometimes devastating impacts on future employment searches and job opportunities. We...

Can you go to jail for speeding in Virginia?

Virginia is one of the harshest states in terms of its traffic and speeding laws. In fact, you may be putting yourself at risk for license suspension or even jail just by hitting the cruise control button on your vehicle and missing a change in speed limit sign. Any...

My teenager was arrested – now what?

Despite the best parenting attempts, our teenagers sometimes make poor choices and end up on the wrong side of the law.  Underage drinking, marijuana possession, or joyriding can sometimes result in a world of legal trouble. How does the court system treat minors?...

The legal status of marijuana in Virginia

This year, California voted to legalize marijuana and joined 7 other states that have legalized it. The national legal landscape of marijuana has become a patchwork quilt of differing laws, rules, and regulations. This begs the question, what is the legal status of...