Severe types of traumatic injuries
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Severe types of traumatic injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Personal Injury

Sustaining a severe injury in Virginia can results in drastic life changes. Such injuries may disable you from working, shopping or even feeding yourself. When you’ve received an injury because of the fault of someone else, understanding the nature of the injury can help build your case for compensation from them.

Brain injuries

Brain injuries have the potential to paralyze you, reduce your cognition and leave you disabled from the workforce. These types of injuries can also be expensive to care for and remedy.

Broken bones

Bone fractures are considered severe based on the pain they cause and on protrusions. Bones that break have sharp edges that can penetrate your skin and leave you with an open wound.


Burns are critical to report because they require rapid care. Criminal charges could be needed if your personal injury was inflicted by someone else on purpose.

Crush injuries

Crush injuries come about when heavy objects fall on you. This could be the result of someone at work not taking proper precaution. Something then falls, knocks you off balance and causes blunt injuries or bruising.

Cuts and open wounds

With the potential of blood loss, cuts and open wounds might lead to parts of your body being amputated. Secondary illnesses are also highly likely due to a loss of blood and shock. Keep in mind that these open injuries need to be dealt with rapidly by medical professionals.

Being cautious and diligent

Personal injuries in Virginia come about in a variety of ways, but in no case should you take your injury lightly. Injuries that you sustain due to the actions of others can be brought up in court. Your health and well-being are important, and you may need compensation from the responsible party in order to pay for your recovery.