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Criminal Defense

What evidence may appear in a criminal trial?

A conviction in criminal court depends on whether the jury arrives at guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving or disproving the case often depends on the evidence presented. Whether in state or federal court, a prosecutor will reveal evidence that supports a guilty...

Facial recognition does not always help

Residents of Virginia may want to learn more about the use of facial recognition in criminal proceedings and why it does not always work. There's a cautionary tale of a man in Detroit who had an arrest based on facial recognition. government studies have shown that a...

Can Virginia police lie during interrogation?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on multiple occasions that police officers' duty to uncover criminal behavior can include lying to those being questioned. This is a primary reason that anyone speaking to Virginia police about potential criminal activity should say as...

What is the purpose of a preliminary hearing?

When a criminal complaint has been filed by a prosecutor, a preliminary hearing is scheduled to determine if there's enough evidence available to go to trial in Virginia. During the hearing, you can expect witnesses to take the stand. The defense may cross-examine...