Four effective ways to help your children cope with divorce
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Four effective ways to help your children cope with divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce is often the reality for some married couples in Virginia. While divorce is difficult enough, it often becomes more complicated with children in the picture. Fortunately, there are ways to make divorce easier for your children.

Don’t make children your messengers

Divorcing couples don’t always find it easy to communicate with each other, especially while the sting of a divorce is still fresh. Unfortunately, this lack of communication sometimes causes parents to use their children as messengers. Turning children into messengers puts unwanted stress and responsibilities on your child.

Avoid introducing new partners too soon

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce for children is welcoming new adults into their lives. That’s not to say you should put your dating life on hold forever. But make sure the relationship is serious before introducing anyone new to your kids.

Ask your children how they’re doing

What might seem simple is something parents sometimes miss: asking their children how they feel post-divorce. This simple action lets your children know you care about how they feel. It also gives your children a chance to share their feelings, which they might not realize they can do during this difficult time.

Abstain from speaking negatively about the other parent

Understandably, you might have a hatred for your ex-spouse. But don’t make this fact evident to your children. The former spouse you don’t care for is your child’s other parent. In this situation, it’s better to say nothing about your child’s other parent than something negative.

Your children’s lives don’t have to be difficult after a divorce happens. As challenging as it seems, working with your ex-spouse and being a positive source of support provides a great foundation to ease the post-divorce process for children.