Helpful tips when divorcing someone with mental health disorders
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Helpful tips when divorcing someone with mental health disorders

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Family Law

Married couples in Virginia sometimes endure difficult situations. Sometimes, a divorce may be the only option when two adults can no longer work things out. While divorcing can feel challenging, this situation is often additionally stressful when your ex-spouse is dealing with a mental health disorder.

Don’t fear contacting the authorities

People can suffer from a range of mental health issues, with some risking more serious harm than others. If you feel that your spouse can hurt you, your children or themselves, contact the proper authorities. Depending on your situation, you will typically contact law enforcement or mental health experts.

Set boundaries

Unfortunately, things can sometimes go from bad to worse regarding family law matters. If you feel anger brewing between you and your former spouse, getting a neutral third party involved might be a smart decision. A professional, such as a mediator, often helps divorcing couples get on the same page.

Have a support network

Divorces are often mentally and physically draining. That’s why it’s helpful to have a support network to count on while you go through the process and adjust to your new life. This network can include friends, family, co-workers and others. Support networks also help you avoid isolation and can assist you in resolving divorce-related questions and concerns.

Research your former spouse’s condition

Sometimes, the best way to resolve a problem is to gain a better understanding of it. Regardless of what condition your ex-spouse deals with, learning more about it can make divorcing this person go as smoothly as possible. You can learn how to better communicate as well as what triggers you must avoid. This research may also help ensure you’re more empathetic towards your former partner.

Navigating a divorce is rarely easy. However, considering these tips can help you to make it through the process and move on with your life.