3 causes of bedsores in nursing homes
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3 causes of bedsores in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Personal Injury

Visiting your loved one in a nursing home only to find them with wounds can be devastating. Unfortunately, cases of bedsores or pressure ulcers are not uncommon among residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, yet they are avoidable.

Below are three factors that cause bedsores:

1. Pressure

Pressure from lying on a bed or sitting in a wheelchair for a prolonged period can cause bedsores. This is because the constant pressure can stop blood from flowing as usual. Accordingly, oxygen circulation to skin tissues may be hindered, resulting in damaged/dead tissues, which will, in turn, form bedsores.

2. Friction

When one’s skin constantly rubs across a coarse surface, such as bedding, friction occurs. Repeated friction may cause the top layers of the skin to wear off, especially when one’s skin is moist, which can lead to bedsores.

3. Shear

Shear occurs when force pulls two surfaces in opposite directions. For example, when one’s skin moves in one direction but their bones move in another. This typically occurs when a resident’s bed is raised. If they slide down, their tailbone will move, but the skin above the bone won’t; it will pull in the opposite direction. If this prolongs, shear can occur, leading to bedsores.

Who is at risk of developing bedsores?

Residents who need help with mobility are highly likely to develop bedsores. Those unable to sense pain may also be at risk since they may not feel pain, discomfort or any other warning sign that may notify them to change position. Other risk factors include poor nutrition and hygiene, incontinence and blood circulation problems.

A significant percentage of bedsore cases happen due to neglect. If you believe a nursing home failed to provide your loved one with standard care, legal guidance can help you protect their rights.